Explorer DMC offers customized solutions to companies for team building events and stimulating-motivating seminars.

Team building promotes team cohesion, optimizes the skills of each person, awakens interdependence of employees and creates an atmosphere that fits the work. We can organize team building programs throughout Montenegro. Explorer DMC offers you various types of activities that can be part of a larger corporate event, business seminars or stimulating trips.

With our team of experienced animators, instructors and guides, we will design activities, and in cooperation with you, make your team stronger.

Some of our suggestions are:

• Treasure hunt,
• City, village, forest or an island escape
• Orienteering
• Knight Games
• Cocktail competition
• Culinary competition
• Dance competition
• Socially useful activities, etc.

Our partners and numerous clients from companies around the world are the best witnesses of our professionalism and uniqueness in this field. We are aware of the great importance of good internal relationships within the company and therefore we always strive and manage to improve them and help our clients to discover, in a fun and exciting way, their compatibility and work enthusiasm.

Friendship, fun, excitement always increase work capacity.