Montenegrin cuisine

Montenegro food specialties vary at the coastal and mountainous region, as well as the central part of the country. An interesting fact concerning Montenegro traditional food is that the preparation process is distinctly different in restaurants and in villages, which is why, if you have the time, we recommend both experiences equally.

Coast Line:

Grilled fish and seafood

Grilled fish and seafood is a national dish you can never go wrong with, and apart from different kinds of fish, calamari, squid and octopus, the other sorts of seafood are grilled as well, mostly prawns, lobster, crayfish and shrimps. It is always freshly prepared, with that sea aroma emitting from every bite.

Central Part:

When asked what to eat in Montenegro most folks would reply with the absolute certainty that the meat specialties are the most local when it comes Montenegro local food, and it doesn’t go beyond that. For instance, mutton, pork, beef and poultry are used for cooking variety of dishes, mainly combined with kajmak, another delicatesse common in the Balkan countries.

Kajmak is made by pouring sheep’s milk into a flow bowl and then putting the flow bowl in the oven, leaving it for 3 hours straight. When the milk is cooled, the upper layer is slowly removed and shifted into another bawl, where salt is added – enter kajmak. This cream is especially good being used as a spread for meat and chicken, making it more tender and juicy, like in the dishes below.

For a true food lovers, the real taste starts up to the mountain

The most famous item is probably prosciutto (pršut), commonly known as the national meat, and the best of the best is made in Njeguši, near Cetinje, which is why it’s locally called Njeguški pršut. It is made of pork dried in the mountains, where the air is fresh, making it a kind of dried meat with a unique taste.

Montenegro cheese is another one of the common Montenegro specialties, with a very distinct flavor, varying from the area it’s made in. One of the most popular is definitely Kolasin cheese, originating from Bjelasica. It’s pressed by large rocks during preparation and the end result is layered cheese that is a fundamental part of the Montenegro cuisine.

We presented you just a small part of the Montenegrin cuisine and its specialties. Good thing is that all this dishes you can try in our traditional restaurants located in Kolasin and Zabljak